What is the Powerful B2b e-Commerce: Definition, Examples and Platform?

Ever since digital marketing has introduced, there are countless websites are floating around the internet. With the ever-increasing ecommerce websites, B2B entrepreneurs are starting to explore the lucrative opportunities in B2B ecommerce. Do you know what b2b ecommerce platform is? B2B Ecommerce ensures an effective online transaction between businesses. Once the customer has placed an order, it is processed digitally and delivered to them safely, which in turn improves the buying efficiency for product manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and B2B sellers. Recent research conducted by Accenture states that about 55% of ecommerce sites are of B2B platform that is critically essential for business sales. Unlike B2C companies that maintain good relationship among its customers, B2B companies focus on its business partners and customer experience as well. Nearly, 89% of online shopping business depends on customer experience only. This is why choosing the best ecommerce platform is crucial.

What type of products your ecommerce site can deliver?

  • Volume products – Volume products enable the customers to order in b2b ecommerce & wholesale platform easily because they can avail the products that are of high quality and inexpensive as well. When it comes to volume product, the user can order in huge amount. These products can be seen in apparel, hardware section, and automotive supply business.
  • Subscription products – Subscription products are what customer can purchase on a reoccurring basis- monthly or yearly.
  • Configuration products – From the name itself you can be clear that they are something that related to networking products. Yes, they include medical devices, manufacturing equipment, telecommunication devices, etc. As they are expensive, customers usually get a quote before placing the order.

B2B eCommerce Platforms to Consider

Despite there are many B2B ecommerce platforms available out there, not all are popular. Some of the best B2B ecommerce websites are given below

  • Magento – It is hosted WordPress software that is fully customizable
  • Netsuite – Cloud-based ecommerce platform
  • IBM – Enterprise B2B ecommerce platform
  • Alibaba – Online B2B platform
  • DH gate – selling Chinese goods at wholesale price
  • Ec Plaza – Korean Ecommerce website
  • Global sources – first B2B platform that was listed in NASDAQ

Other popular B2B websites that are growing fast are Human Solution, T.A.S.C.o, Sincerely Nuts, BuySwings, NutreeVit and much more.

Why should you choose B2B ecommerce over Open source platform?

B2B Ecommerce platform is specially designed for those who want to stumble down to the product section without having some basic programming knowledge. Yes, it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It allows you to access the technical team and support team easily. You don’t need to be an expert in designing the managed ecommerce website as it requires less effort and time.

It uses some pre-built templates that you can access it while setting up your website. The user-friendly site that comes with the blend of the easy-to-use dashboard and realistic feature is what every ecommerce business owners prefer. When it comes to Open source, there are a lot of things to manage your site as you need to take care of your server. And, open source platforms are not for those who are struggling with coding and website development, which is why the b2B ecommerce platform is growing rapidly. That’s all about b2b ecommerce platform comparison.