Ordering and Rounding

  • WatchPlace Value: Identify the place of a digit
  • WatchHow to Read Big Numbers (Place Value)
  • WatchHow to Place Commas in Numbers- a place value math song!
  • Watch6 Digit Place Value- Rolling Ridge Elementary School
  • Watchreading large numbers
  • WatchPlace Value Song- to the Thousands
  • WatchPlace Value Song
  • WatchNumber Forms - Standard, Expanded or Word Form - Math for Grade 3
  • WatchPlace Value 4 Digit
  • Watch"Comma Momma" Grammar Song
  • WatchRepresenting Numbers in Different Ways
  • WatchRound to the Nearest 100
  • Watch6 The Rounding Machine
  • WatchRound Numbers to the Nearest 100-Special Cases
  • WatchRound to the Nearest Ten
  • WatchRound to the Nearest Hundred using Rounding Rules
  • WatchRounding 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10
  • WatchEstimating Sums and Differences
  • WatchWe will round you!
  • WatchRounding to Nearest Thousand
  • WatchFact Family Lesson

Comparing, Ordering and Rounding Decimals. Comparing Decimals At the beginning of this course, we we encountered the number line, a graphical device that helps us visualize the relationships between two numbers. Just as we can place whole numbers on the number line, we can also place decimals on the number …

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