Learn Struts 2.X

  • Watch1 - Introduction to Struts 2
  • Watch2 - Overview of its components and how it works
  • Watch3 - Setting up Struts 2 project and running HelloWorld application
  • Watch4 - Understanding Struts 2 configuration elements - part I
  • Watch5 - Understanding Struts 2 configuration elements - part II
  • Watch6 - Different ways of writing Action class
  • Watch7 - Access HTTP resource objects from action class
  • Watch8 - Wildcard mapping in actions
  • Watch9 - Overview of OGNL
  • Watch10 - Struts 2 tags using a demo BookAuto web app - part I
  • Watch11 - Struts 2 tags using a demo BookAuto web app - part II
  • Watch12 - Struts 2 tags using a demo BookAuto web app - part III
  • Watch13 - Input parameters validation techniques using requiredstring validator
  • Watch14 - Input parameters validation using stringlength and email validators
  • Watch15 - Input validation using visitor validator
  • Watch16 - Writing our own custom validator
  • Watch17 - Programmatic validation
  • Watch18 - Type conversion
  • Watch19 - Writing our own Custom Type converter
  • Watch20 - Internationalization in Struts2 - part I
  • Watch21 - Internationalization in Struts 2 with example - part II
  • WatchTrain pushed Car! Cars CRASH! Help Best Friend Cartoon for kids 2
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  • WatchHORNBY/BACHMANN James & The Tar Wagons
  • Watch【再現MMD】MikuMikuDanceのきかんしゃトーマス【7話】
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Apache struts 2 is an elegant, extensible framework for developing corporation-equipped java web packages. the framework is designed to streamline the whole improvement cycle, from building, to deploying, to preserving packages through the years. apache struts 2 was at the start called webwork 2.
this tutorial will teach you how to use apache struts for growing corporation-ready java net programs in simple and clean steps.
Target audience
this academic is designed for java programmers with a need to understand the struts 2.x framework and its application. this academic will bring you at intermediate degree of experties.
before intending with this tutorial you must have a terrific information of the java programming language. a fundamental expertise of mvc framework and jsp or servlet may be very beneficial.

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