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  • WatchIndexedDB, WebSQL, LocalStorage - what blocks the DOM?
  • WatchNolan Lawson does open-source, episode 1
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  • WatchCouchDB Basics
  • WatchGetting started with PouchDB and CouchDB (tutorial)
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  • WatchCouchDB everywhere with PouchDB - Dale Harvey, Mozilla
  • WatchOffline-First Apps with PouchDB

pouchdb is an open source in-browser database api written in javascript. it’s miles modelled after couchdb – a nosql database that powers npm. the usage of this api, we can build programs that paintings offline and on-line. pouchdb makes use of websql and indexeddb internally to store the facts. this educational discusses the basics of pouchdb at the side of applicable examples for smooth expertise.
this tutorial has been organized for novices to assist them understand the primary concepts of pouchdb. it’s going to useful resource you to construct applications in an effort to paintings offline and on line alike using pouchdb and couchdb.
the reader have to have a primary information of databases. it’d be better to have a great command on programming languages, which are like minded with node.js consisting of javascript and coffeescript.

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