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  • WatchOrientDB Tutorial 2 of 5: Querying Grateful Dead
  • WatchOrientDB Tutorial 3 of 5: Create a Schema in OrientDB
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  • WatchOrientDB Tutorial 5 of 5: Use of the Articles DB

Orientdb is an open source nosql database management system, which contains the features of traditional dbms together with the new features of each record and graph dbms. it is written in java and is amazingly fast. it can store 220,000 facts per second on commodity hardware.
in the following chapters of this academic, we are able to appearance carefully at orientdb, one of the nice open-source, multi-model, next generation nosql product.
this academic is designed for software program specialists who are willing to study nosql database in simple and easy steps. this educational will supply a amazing know-how on orientdb standards.
orientdb is nosql database technology which deals with the files, graphs and conventional database additives, like schema and relation. therefore it is better to have expertise of square. familiarity with nosql is an brought benefit.

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