Learn Maven

  • WatchMaven Tutorial 01 Part 1- Introduction and Setting up
  • WatchMaven Tutorial 01 Part 2- Introduction and Setting up
  • WatchMaven Tutorial 02- Understanding Archetypes and pom.xml
  • WatchMaven Tutorial 03- Maven Build Phases
  • WatchMaven Tutorial 04 - Adding a Dependency
  • WatchMaven Tutorial 05 - A Web Application Using Maven
  • WatchMaven Tutorial 06 - Introduction to Plugins with the Maven Compiler Plugin
  • WatchMaven Tutorial 07 - Using the Jetty Plugin
  • WatchMaven Tutorial 08 - Eclipse Plugin for Maven and Maven Plugin for Eclipse
  • WatchMaven Tutorial 09 - Creating a Maven Project in Eclipse

Apache maven is a software mission management and comprehension tool. primarily based at the concept of a mission object version (pom), maven can manipulate a project’s build, reporting and documentation from a principal piece of statistics. using maven we can build and manipulate any java based venture. this educational will educate you how to use maven in your everyday life of any venture development the use of java.
Target audience
this educational has been organized for the novices to assist them understand the basic capability of maven device. after finishing this educational you may locate your self at a moderate stage of knowledge in the usage of apache maven from where you can take yourself to next degrees.
we anticipate you are going to use maven to deal with organisation degree java tasks improvement. so it is beneficial to have the understanding of software improvement, java se, overview of java ee development and deployment manner.

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