Learn Apache Presto

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Apache presto is an open supply disbursed sq. engine. presto originated at fb for facts analytics desires and later became open sourced. now, teradata joins presto community and offers aid.

apache presto may be very useful for acting queries even petabytes of statistics. extensible architecture and storage plugin interfaces are very easy to interact with other report systems. maximum of today’s first-class commercial agencies are adopting presto for its interactive speeds and low latency overall performance.

this educational explores presto architecture, configuration, and garage plugins. it discusses the fundamental and advanced queries and subsequently concludes with real-time examples.

this educational has been organized for specialists meaning to make a career in massive records analytics. this educational will provide you with enough knowledge on apache presto.

before proceeding with this tutorial, you have to have an awesome know-how of middle java, dbms and any of the linux working systems.

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