Java XML tutorial

  • WatchJAXB tutorial part 1: XML Binding explained : javavids
  • WatchJAXB tutorial part 2: generating classes from XML schema : javavids
  • WatchJAXB tutorial part 3: marshalling and unmarshalling data : javavids
  • WatchGenerating JAXB classes in Eclipse from XSD : javavids
  • WatchCreating JAXB classes from scratch : javavids
  • WatchGenerating JAXB classes with Maven plugin : javavids
  • WatchJAXB and OutOfMemoryError : javavids
  • WatchJAXB: Access Restriction Warning : javavids

An XML document consists of elements, each element has a start tag, content and an end tag. An XML document must have exactly one root element (i.e., one tag which encloses the remaining tags). XML differentiates between capital and non-capital letters. An XML file must be well-formed. This means that it must apply to …

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