Hive tutorial

  • WatchHive basics - Different ways to Create Table, Load data
  • WatchHive basics: Create external table, commenting, Alter table, Overwrite, describe table
  • WatchHive Basics: Collection Data Types | Map, Array, Struct | Analyze complex data
  • WatchHive Partitioned Table example | How to work with partitions in hive
  • WatchHive Bucketized Table | How to samplise the large data sets
  • WatchHive Inner Join, Right Outer Join, Map side Join
  • WatchApache Flume: How to Get Twitter data ? Dump twitter data to Hadoop
  • WatchHow to analyze log files in Hive | Regex SerDe in Hive
  • WatchPrivate video
  • WatchHive: Partition Airline data in Hive

Apache Hive helps with querying and managing large datasets real fast. It is an ETL tool for Hadoop ecosystem. In this tutorial, you will learn important topics of Hive like HQL queries, data extractions, partitions, buckets and so on.

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