HCatalog tutorial

  • WatchHadoop Tutorial: Apache HCatalog
  • WatchApache Ambari v1.4.1 for Provisioning, Managing and Monitoring a Hadoop 2 Cluster
  • WatchApache Hadoop YARN: How YARN changed Hadoop from v1 to v2
  • WatchUnderstanding Hadoop YARN a video from BigDSol
  • WatchHadoop Tutorial: Introduction to Hortonworks Sandbox
  • WatchIntroduction to MapReduce
  • WatchUsing R and Apache Hadoop for Data Mining and Statistical Predictive Analytics
  • WatchThe Modern Data Architecture for Predictive Analytics
  • WatchGo From Zero to Big Data in 15 Minutes with The Hortonworks Sandbox

The old HCatalog wiki page has many other documents including additional user documentation, further information on HBase integration, and resources for contributors. For information about the REST API for HCatalog, WebHCat (formerly Templeton), see the WebHCat Manual. Navigation Links.

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