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  • Watch#01 What is Big Data : Big Data Tutorial | Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#02 How much Data is there : Big Data Tutorial | Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#03 Understanding Big Data Stack : Big Data Tutorial | Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#04 Core Components of Hadoop : Big Data Tutorial | Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#05 Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies : Big Data Tutorial | Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#07 Why Big Data : Big Data Tutorial | Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#08 Why is the Need of Big Data : Big Data Tutorial | Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#09 What is a Data Scientist : Big Data Tutorial | Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#10 What Makes a Data Scientist : Big Data Tutorial | Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#11 A Little Bit More About a Data Scientist : Big Data Tutorial | Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#12 Cloudera VM Environment : Big Data Tutorial | Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#13 Basics of Hadoop Stack : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#14 Basics Modules of Apache Framework : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#15 Hadoop Distributed File System - HDFS : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#16 Hadoop Zoo : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#17 Components of Hadoop Ecosystem : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#17 Getting Started with Cloudera VM (Part 01) : Hadoop Tutorial
  • WatchBig Data & Hadoop Tutorials 7
  • Watch#19 Overview of Hadoop Stack : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#20 HDFS and HDFS2 : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#21 MapReduce Framework & YARN Architecture : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#22 Hadoop Execution Environment : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#22 YARN, Tez, Hive and Spark : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#23 Hadoop Resource Scheduling : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#23 Hadoop Based Applications : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#25 Introduction to Apache Pig : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#26 Apache Hive Introduction : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#27 What is Apache HBASE : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#28 Overview of HDFS Architecture : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#29 HDFS Performance : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#30 Read & Write Process in HDFS : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#31 HDFS Tuning Parameters : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#32 HDFS Performance & Robustness : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#33 HDFS Access, APIs & Applications : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#34 HDFS Commands : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#35 Native Java API for HDFS : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#36 REST API for HDFS : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#37 Introduction to MapReduce : Hadoop Tutorial
  • Watch#38 MapReduce Framework : Hadoop Tutorial
  • WatchMapReduce Example: Hadoop Tutorial #39
  • WatchHadoop Tutorial #40 MapReduce Examples and Principles
  • WatchHadoop Tutorial #41 MapReduce Example Trending WordCount
  • WatchHadoop Tutorial #42 MapReduce Example Joining Data
  • WatchHadoop Tutorial #43 Hadoop MapReduce Example: Vector Multiplication
  • WatchHadoop Tutorial #44 MapReduce: Computational Cost of Vector Multiplication
  • WatchHadoop Tutorial #45 MapReduce Summery
  • WatchHadoop Tutorial #46 Intro to Apache Spark
  • WatchHadoop Tutorial #47 Apache Spark: Architecture
  • WatchHadoop Tutorial #48 Resilient Distributed Datasets | Apache Spark
  • WatchHadoop Tutorial #49 Spark Transformations

Professional big data tutorials for beginners with hadoop framework components from fundamentals online for free and its helps increase your skill set

Trouble storing and managing your big data? Hadoop otherwise formally known as Apache Hadoop serves the best solution to your problem. Storing and processing of big data is always a task. For this reason we provide the users the privilege to access the big data tutorials for beginners who are new to this industry. So that he will get the idea on the content and get a little hold on management of that data. Big data is going on increasing in last few years. As there will be different types of data like the structured data, unstructured and semi structured data. Storing of these data was becoming a serious problem throughout the place. To overcome all these problems of storing, processing and saving of data Hadoop was adopted technology by Apache. Hadoop was first created by Dough Cutting a computer scientist with the logo of elephant.

Apache Hadoop is open framework that helps in managing and storing of big data which supports all the data with the help of small clusters. We provide tutorials for beginners where the user can easily get access to all the inputs required. There is also specialized big data introduction videos for the users to learn from scratch till the end with all the required information needed to the users. Professionals in this industry search for the best advance level course providing institutions, we at W3ants.com provide the most professional an expertise course on hadoop. W3ants also provide the best big data certification course for the learner and help him add on with him. Apache Hadoop works with the major framework components like the map reduce, hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) and more. A detailed specialized explanation in the form of notes and videos is given by W3ants. Master slave architecture design used by hadoop architecture specifies on different nodes involved in it and various videos on this in the form of tutorials are also provided in the name of hadoop tutorial video. Moreover the documents and notes are also provided to the user which can be downloaded in pdf format as hadoop tutorial for beginner pdf . With the most sorted information under the best professionals everything is designed in the easiest manner for the beginners. There are tutorials on many topics like on hadoop framework components, tutorials for map reduce, tutorials for big data and many more. From the process of hadoop installation on Linux to the execution and management , storing of data everything is being taught at W3ant.com .

Now wait no more and get the benefits of learning hadoop just a click away with the most expertise professionals. Not only that you are provided with detailed audio and video explanations given and provided with written notes and titles. You are also provided with the latest and updated versions and features of all the versions and systems. Once you get a good hand on hadoop, you will surely get a bright future prospects and growth options. We also provide with the supplements of question answer guide which will help you go through your interview easily.

Hurry! Now master Hadoop software now at your own convenience and learn support the big data and manage it.

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