Elixir tutorial

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  • WatchLet's learn Elixir with a kata
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  • WatchDayton Elixir - April 2014 - Calliope with Johnny Winn
  • WatchDayton Elixir - July 2014 - Elixir and the Internet of Things
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  • WatchFrom Ruby to Erlang: An Unexpected Journey
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  • WatchRailsConf 2014 - Workshop - All Aboard The Elixir Express! by Chris McCord
  • Watch"Elixir and the Internet of Things" by Doug Rohrer
  • WatchElixir Conf 2014 - Rise of The Phoenix - Building an Elixir Web Framework by Chris McCord
  • WatchArnaud Wetzel talking about Elixir and OTP
  • WatchElixir: Show me the code! - Developer Download
  • WatchPhoenix web framework for Elixir
  • WatchElixir Conf 2014 - Thinking in a Highly Concurrent, Mostly-functional Language by Francesco Cesarini
  • WatchElixir: Resources & Libraries - Developer Download

welcome! in this tutorial, we are going to train you the elixir basis, the language syntax, how to define modules, how to manipulate the traits of not unusual statistics systems, and greater. this chapter will attention on making sure elixir is set up and that you can effectively run elixir’s interactive shell, known as iex.

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