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Best way to learn online digital marketing training course tutorial for beginners with examples

Ways to reach the customers have changed immensely with coming to the internet revolution. Rather than moving door to door and convincing the customer, things have moved to the virtual world. With the consumer checking out different places to get the best option. Hereby the virtual word world, we denote the digital channels such as social media, emails, etc. When marketing is done via these channels, then it is known as Digital Marketing. So if you ask anyone, the digital marketing course will be the need of the hour. But is it ok enough to learn it by going through a digital marketing tutorial for beginners? We would be clearly saying a big NO! We would say the best way to learn digital marketing is by enrolling to a proper digital marketing training course. A good digital marketing course will ensure you are able to answer the following questions confidently.

Q1. What are the Top Digital Marketing Trends?

Q2. Why is learning Digital Marketing for Dummies important?

Q3. What is Online Digital Marketing?

Q4. What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

Q5. What are the different tools used by a Digital Marketer?


This course will help people with basic knowledge of marketing and advertising to enter into the world of Digital Marketing.

Our Course Includes:

Email Marketing:

We believe emails are here to stay and rule. They are the most direct way of reaching out to customers with valuable information. A great marketer will understand how to use this a bit old but powerful tool to make way through the customer. The idea is just not sending cold emails. It aims at sending relevant, informative and engaging content to your target audience. Your email campaign must encourage the audience to connect back with you.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is just not confined to posting selfies and checking updates. It’s much more than that. People rely on social media and the buzz to make an opinion about a product or service. It is just not enough to post on Facebook or Twitter. The more you active on the Social Media channels, the more customers connect with you. And what’s even better you also directly or indirectly connect with their friend’s list as well.

Pay Per Click:

Pay Per Click is also known as PPC advertising or paid advertising. So, in layman’s terms, it refers to pay the search engine when your ad is clicked. A PPC will make your ad a sponsored result in the search engine search. And displays it on the top. The ad is displayed and once the user clicks it, the search engine charges you for the click. The best part is that your ads can be targeted to a specific audience you wish to cater. These ads will only appear when relevant keywords or terms related to the products or services are searched.

Content Marketing:

Might sound cheesy, but the content is the king. A great content acts as a base of most of the digital strategies. Fresh and informative email content makes sure you have some value to offer to the customer. Other hands a keyword enriched content ensures your strategy hits the target. An inspiring and lucid content makes sure; you make eaves through the social media. The baseline to content marketing is to educate and inspire with value. Never promote your business. Once the customer is influenced, let them get back to you.

Mobile Marketing:

Mobiles have become indispensable in our lives. It is very crucial for the marketers to understand how to convey the message to the target audience via this channel. Mobiles are 24*7 close to us. So, all your digital marketing tools end up to the fate of the device. So, it is essential to use, messaging marketing in the right. Never over or under do it. Also, make sure all your marketing strategies are mobile friendly as most of the time is devoted to your mobile.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing:

SEO and SEM are two different tools often confused. SEM is more like PPC. The idea behind search engine marketing (SEM) is to promote business by increasing its visibility in the result pages of search engine. This is majorly done through paid advertising and social media. Whereas SEO takes support from content, it uses keywords and content optimization to make sure that the terms which are generally searched appear in your content. So, if any terms in your content are needed by the audience. Web Analytics clearly depicts how effective have our strategies been to drive the audience to the website and convert them.

Web Analytics:

Collecting, Reporting and Analyzing website data can be a great help to understand the success of a digital marketing campaign. Web Analytics clearly depicts how effective have our strategies been to drive the audience to the website and convert them.

What do we offer?

We make sure your course is readily available. You can find our digital marketing course on And over that every week we upload new digital marketing videos to download to ensure you get updated information about the Digital Marketing field. We ensure your Digital Marketing skills are good enough for you to go ahead and take part in an online marketing challenge.

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