Artificial Intelligence Tutorial

  • WatchWhat is Artificial intelligence (Ai) | Introduction to Ai | (Eng-Hindi) | #1
  • WatchPropositional Logic in Artificial Intelligence | propositional logic examples | PL (Eng-Hindi) | #2
  • WatchFirst order Logic in Artificial Intelligence | first order logic in ai | FOL | (Eng-Hindi) | #3
  • WatchPL vs FOL | Artificial Intelligence | (Eng-Hindi) | #4
  • WatchResolution in Artificial Intelligence | Convert into FOL | Part-1 | (Eng-Hindi) | #5
  • WatchResolution process in Artificial Intelligence | Rules FOL to CNF | Part-2 | (Eng-Hindi) | #6
  • WatchResolution process in Artificial Intelligence | CNF | Resolution Graph | Part-3 | (Eng-Hindi) | #7
  • WatchWater Jug Problem in Artificial Intelligence | (Eng-Hindi) #8
  • WatchBreadth first search (BFS) | Artificial Intelligence | (Eng-Hindi) #10
  • WatchDepth First search (DFS) | Depth limited search(DLS ) | Artificial Intelligence | (Eng-Hindi) #11
  • WatchBFS vs DFS | Artificial Intelligence | (Eng-Hindi) | #12
  • WatchHill Climbing Algorithm | Artificial Intelligence | (Eng-Hindi) | #13
  • Watch8-puzzle Problem in Artificial Intelligence | Artificial Intelligence | (Eng-Hindi) | #14
  • Watchheuristic search and function | Artificial Intelligence | (Eng-Hindi) | #15
  • WatchBest First Search | Artificial Intelligence | (Eng-Hindi) #16
  • WatchA* algorithm in artificial intelligence in hindi | a* algorithm in ai | a* algorithm with example
  • WatchAO* Algorithm in artificial intelligence in hindi | #18
  • WatchKnowledge Representation | semantic networks | Frames | artificial intelligence | Hindi | #19
  • WatchMinmax Algorithm in Artificial Intelligence in Hindi | Solved Example | #20
  • WatchAlpha Beta pruning in artificial Intelligence in hindi | Solved Example | #21
  • WatchSteepest Ascent Hill Climbing | Simulated Annealing | Artificial Intelligence in hindi #22
  • WatchMonotonic and Non-Monotonic Reasoning in artificial intelligence in hindi | #23
  • WatchGoal Stack planning in Artificial Intelligence in hindi | Block world example solved | #24
  • WatchMissionaries and Cannibals Problem in hindi | Artificial Intelligence | #25
  • WatchBays Theorem in hindi | solved example | Artificial Intelligence | #26
  • WatchConceptual Dependency in hindi | Artificial Intelligence | #27
  • Watchfuzzy logic in artificial intelligence in hindi | introduction to fuzzy logic example | #28
  • Watchgenetic algorithm in artificial intelligence | genetic algorithm in hindi | Artificial intelligence
  • WatchGenetic Algorithm Example in Artificial Intelligence | Genetic Algorithm in Artificial Intelligence
  • WatchUnification in Artificial Intelligence in Hindi | Unification in Artificial Intelligence Examples
  • WatchUnification Algorithm in Artificial Intelligence in Hindi | Unification in Artificial Intelligence
  • WatchInference in artificial intelligence | forward chaining & backward chaining artificial intelligence
  • WatchBackward Chaining in Artificial Intelligence | Backward Chaining in Artificial Intelligence Example
  • WatchForward Chaining in Artificial Intelligence | Forward Chaining in Artificial Intelligence Example
  • WatchNatural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence in Hindi | NLP Easy Explanation
  • WatchSteps in Natural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence in HINDI | Artificial Intelligence

Bored of doing the monotonous work? Now teach your machine to automate with the work. You heard it right. Artificial intelligence commonly known as AI is the ability of a machine to provide all the cognitive functions of reasoning, learning and performing tasks. The name itself is self explanatory which means intelligence same like human and animals but limited to a machine. It has the ability to perform the functions like problem solving, reasoning, recognition of speech, audio, video and many more of this sort.

Artificial intelligence is used in almost all the industries; it gives an edge in the technological department. It has a very high growth prospects and opens up many opportunities in future. It is highly rated course in the market, where everyone is trying to learn this course. In recent few years it has got lots of recognition and significance in the market.

You are planning to learn this course? Then you are at the right place.W3ants provides you with all the videos related to learning of artificial intelligence course. Most of the learners face a common problem wondering how to start studying artificial intelligence course? If this is the case, we are happy to help you here. We have different videos catering the needs of different level of learners. You need to know with the basics of online machine tools so that the learning will become easy, if not you can access to the videos to learn the same. From introduction of artificial intelligence (ai) tutorials till you master the course and get Google trainings everything is covered by us in the format of tutorials which you can access anytime anywhere. Moreover you can also save videos for further reference by downloading the artificial intelligence videos offline. You can also save the content in the format of pdf by just clicking on the video you want to save and download Pdf There are many languages used in programming a computer or a machine. Having a good hand on these languages or knowing at least the basics is a prerequisite for learning artificial intelligence course. Python, R, Lisp, Prolog, java are one of the best programming language used in artificial intelligence.

You can conveniently get the videos from the basics till the end on and take the privilege of learning the artificial intelligence course under most experienced and professional people. Once you get a good hand on AI you can get better job opportunities and higher growth prospective. There are different levels of Ai also and videos provided do all the needful and provide you with best of inputs. Blogs also serve a greater source of information; you can also access and read different blogs on artificial intelligence to brush you with the upgraded and latest scenario in the market.

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