apache presto tutorial

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  • WatchIntroducing Amazon EMR Release 5.0 - August 2016 Monthly Webinar Series
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  • WatchPresto @ Netflix Interactive Queries at Petabyte Scale
  • WatchTableau Data Connector: Amazon Athena (Use JDBC 4.2)
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  • WatchHow to Install and Configure Presto ODBC Driver and connect to any BI or ODBC application
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  • WatchDifferences between Hive, Tez, Impala and Spark Sql
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  • WatchHive vs Impala - Comparing Apache Hive vs Apache Impala
  • WatchApache Parquet: Parquet file internals and inspecting Parquet file structure
  • WatchFile Format Benchmark Avro JSON ORC and Parquet
  • WatchORC File Optimizing Your Big Data
  • WatchHow Compression Algorithms Work
  • WatchHow to Interview a Software Architect
  • WatchData Modeling a Data Lake Crushing Big Data
  • WatchAWS re:Invent 2016: Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices on AWS (BDM201)

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