AI – Agents & Environments

an ai system is composed of an agent and its surroundings. the marketers act in their surroundings. the surroundings may additionally contain other marketers.

what are agent and surroundings?
an agent is whatever which could understand its environment thru sensors and acts upon that environment through effectors.

    a human agent has sensory organs along with eyes, ears, nostril, tongue and pores and skin parallel to the sensors, and different organs inclusive of fingers, legs, mouth, for effectors.

    a robot agent replaces cameras and infrared variety finders for the sensors, and various vehicles and actuators for effectors.

    a software agent has encoded bit strings as its applications and moves.

agent terminology

    overall performance degree of agent − it’s far the standards, which determines how a hit an agent is.

    conduct of agent − it is the motion that agent performs after any given sequence of percepts.

    percept − it is agent’s perceptual inputs at a given instance.

    percept collection − it’s far the records of all that an agent has perceived until date.

    agent feature − it is a map from the precept collection to an motion.

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