A/B Testing Tutorials

  • WatchWyatt Jenkins, Seriously Advanced A/B Testing, The Lean Startup Conference 2013 - 12/10/13
  • WatchDan Siroker, Optimizely CEO - 'Best Practices from 100,000 A/B tests'
  • WatchSetup A/B Testing with Google Analytics Experiments
  • WatchOptimizePress - Increase Conversions Running Google A/B Split Tests
  • WatchBest Practices & Lessons Learned from 30,000 A/B and Multivariate Tests
  • WatchAB testing - How To Increase Convesrion Rates With AB Testing
  • WatchGoogle Analytics Training: Experiments
  • WatchGoogle Analytics Summit 2013 - Keynote Presentation
  • WatchWhat is Optimizely?
  • WatchOptimizely Presents: Analytics in A/B Testing (Part I, Mixpanel)
  • WatchHow To Split Test With Google Content Experiments
  • Watch[WMD 2015] ConversionXL, Peep Laja "WARNING: 13 Ways You're Screwing Up Your A/B Tests"
  • WatchOli Gardner on the Four Corners of Conversion

a/b testing is one of the quality way to examine two or extra versions of an application or a web page. it allows you to determine which considered one of them performs higher and might generate better conversion fees. it’s miles one of the simplest methods to investigate an application or an internet page to create a new edition this is extra effective. that is a quick academic that covers the fundamentals of a/b testing with appropriate examples to demonstrate how you could put it into practice.

A/B Testing target audience tutorials

this educational has been designed to suit the requirements of all those professionals who are operating in the software checking out domain. it affords sufficient insight into the standards of a/b testing and how you may apply it to perform statistics analysis and maximize the conversion ratio of any website.

A/B Testing stipulations tutorials

we anticipate that the readers of this tutorial have basic know-how of html and some enjoy of coping with a website. further, it is going to assist if the readers have an primary understanding of statistics evaluation and conversion ratio of websites and cell applications.

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